As we enter the winter months we understand that some of you might want to close down your tub in winter. If this be the case you will need to take special preventative measures to make certain that the freezing temperature levels of the winter months do not damage your hot tub or swim spa.

Every year in springtime, we perform a sensational amount of repairs on tubs & spas that have been damaged by frost and ice during the winter months. These faults are not usually covered under warranty as well as customers are frequently left with significant bills from technicians– something we are sure you will want to avoid after spending so much cash on Xmas! This guide tells you what you need to do to prepare your hot tub for the winter months.

Hot Tubs Are Actually Much Better in the Winter!

Prior to us getting into the ins and outs of winter season prep work, keep in mind, that hot tubs do not need to be closed down in winter season, in truth, they actually generate a lot more benefits when used in wintertime than in the summertime. Most of our health spas consist of frost prevention systems– the health spas will certainly turn themselves on immediately if temperatures drop below 5 degrees.

In the summertime, we experience high temperatures. Do you really think you are most likely to get home and then put yourself right into a hot tub which is also hotter? Of course not! In summer you intend to cool down, not heat up!

Have you ever taken a really hot bath and afterward noticed that when you leave the bathroom, even if the temperature in the house is freezing, that you really feel as though you could walk through the house with few garments on? Well, hot tubs have the very same effect. The warm water warms up your internal body so when you leave the tub, you will gladly walk through your garden in just your bathrobe. And if you are lucky enough to have snow where you are living, even better!

Run and maintain your hot tub during the winter months and take pleasure in nature and the Wintertime whatever time of the day it may be. Enjoy the health benefits of your tub with your Family and Pals and melt away any stress of the day.

Getting Your Hot Tub Or Spa Ready For Winter

The most critical fact of wintertime preparation is making sure that your hot tub has been drained extensively. When water freezes it expands, but we all know this. This expansion can cause pipes to split and also damage the heating systems, pumps, jets, etc.

The following steps and precautionary measures will definitely reduce the danger of damage throughout the winter months:

  1. Drain your tub as normal. If it drains with a hosepipe, disconnect the pipe once the draining has finished. Make sure that you have drained all the pipes and that you have gotten all the water out of the tub and the system. Turn the hot tub on briefly. The air blower will force any remaining water from the pipework into the tub.
  2. You will need to remove all of the side panels from the tub. As you circle the tub you will certainly notice a number of unions connecting the pipelines and pumps. You will need to loosen up all of these unions to enable any water to drain pipes from pipework. This is specifically important with the unions linking the pumps as well as heating systems. Water left in pumps and heaters will most certainly cause problems when you set your tub up again in the spring! Note that it is ok for the excess water which drains from the unions right into the base of the hot tub– this will evaporate with time. It is important to leave these unions loose for a couple of days to permit any condensation to drain from the tub.
  3. Remove the filter from your spa. Soak your filter in filter cleaner and store it away until following year! At this point in time, a wet-vacuum would come in very handy. Make use of the vacuum to remove any standing water from the tub. It would also be a great idea to vacuum all fittings such as jets, diverter holes, etc.
  4. Finally! Prior to replacing all the gain access to panels, you need to find some old towels and wipe up any water you can find from the tub.

Your spa should now be winter proof!

These steps might appear a little crass to you however, it is very important that none of these steps are missed out as your service warranty is not legitimate for damages caused by faulty winter preparation.

If you think that you will not be using your hot tub in the winter and making your hot tub ready for the winter is way too much hassle, or you quite simply don’t have the time to take these precautions yourself. For a small fee, we can do this for you. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we will get back to you asap.