Headrest and cushions are a great feature for any kind of Hot Tub. They include that added convenience and comfort to an enjoyable soak. Nonetheless, with time the cushions can fade as they are continuously taking in water as well as chemicals.

Chemicals are a need for any kind of hot tub or Swim Spa. Below you can read our recommendation to keep Cushions and Headrest on Hot Tubs healthy

Leave the jets on with the cover off for 10 minutes. This will allow for any kind of fumes to leave once you add your chemicals.

Fill the water level to just below the headrest in your Tub.

After applying any new chemicals to the water, clean your cushions with a light cleanser. This, in turn, will help to keep Cushions and Headrest on Hot Tubs healthy

Examine the Chlorine, Bromine, alkalinity and also ph degrees of your water on a regular basis.

If you really want your Cushions to last for a lifetime, remove them entirely. When not in use, rinse with clear water to remove any type of chemicals. Dry thoroughly before you stow them away.