Hot Tubs

Whether you’re entertaining guests, spending quality time with family, or relaxing on your own, Palm Spas have a hot tub to suit your space. The calming flow of the massage jets can make you feel relaxed and sooth your aches and pains. With a range of spas from 3 seaters to 7 seater hot tubs, Palm Spas will have something to suit your needs…

Why Choose Palm Spas for Your Hot Tub?

A Relaxing Oasis at Your Doorstep

Imagine sinking into warm, massaging waters after a long day. You put your head back, look up at the starlit sky and enjoy the stillness, concentrating only on the present and how soothing the gentle jets knead away tension, leaving you completely relaxed. A Palm Spas’ hot tub is not just a tub of water – it’s an investment into your well-being, a place for social gatherings and family fun and a focal point for your garden.

Premium Quality

Here at Palm Spas, we make it our priority that each hot tub is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting enjoyment for you and your loved ones.

The average lifespan of a hot tub is from 5-20 years, depending on how well it’s made by the manufacturer and maintained by the user. If you have an old hot tub that needs disposing of, we can help with this too. Contact the head office for a quote.

Features and Accessories to Consider

When selecting a hot tub, think about the features that matter to you, such as adjustable jets (for targeted massage), LED lighting (for ambience) or bluetooth speakers (for entertaining guests). We also offer a range of accessories making maintenance and usage as easy as possible. Products include:

  • Covers
  • Cover lifters
  • Steps
  • Heat pumps
  • Umbrellas
  • Drinks holders

Efficiency and Sustainability

Our products are all engineered for energy efficiency and sustainability for years to come. We also provide:

We make sure that you’re covered no matter the issue so that you can get back to relaxing in your sanctuary.

Although the cost of running a hot tub depends on a number of variables, the estimate is between £30 and £60 per month for a hard-shell hot tub which is used a couple of times a week. It’s worth noting that while inflatable hot tubs are cheaper to purchase, they have a higher running cost due to lack of insulation.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Tubs:

    What are the health benefits of using a hot tub?

    Hot tubs are not just for relaxing; they offer a wide range of health benefits including stress relief, alleviation of muscle tension, improved circulation and improved sleep.

    If you’re a gym-goer, then a post-workout dip could be the perfect thing to aid muscle recovery and leave you feeling less sore. 

    But not only that – hot tubs are good for the mind too. Being in a hot tub or hot bath helps reduce cortisol (a stress hormone) and stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural feel-good chemicals).

    In a world where we’re consumed by technology, there’s also something to be said for taking some time away from screens and just enjoying being present – perhaps listening to the sound of nature, or chatting with family and friends.

    How can I get the most from my hot tub session?

    Take time to set the mood first. Do you want party music and bright/flashing lights, or relaxing music and calm colours?

    Pour yourself a glass of water and take it with you in the tub; it’s important to stay hydrated as the heat will cause you to sweat more and leave you dehydrated. And speaking of heat – make sure the water temperature is comfortable for you and your guests. We suggest between 37-40 degrees Celsius.

    Maybe do some breathing exercises if you wish for a deeper relaxation. We all know that mindfulness and meditation is conducive to various physical, mental and emotional benefits.

    As nice as it is to soak in a hot tub – where you can easily let time pass you by – it’s best to limit your sessions to no more than 30 minutes at a time, though it is perfectly safe to have a dip every day. If you feel light-headed, nauseous or your skin starts to become irritated, then you should come out immediately! 

    Can everyone enjoy a hot tub?

    We’ll start by saying that we are not medical experts, and what is fine for one person may not be fine for another. We always recommend you consult your doctor if you have any concerns or preexisting medical conditions which may be exacerbated by a hot tub.

    Generally speaking, however, it is advisable that pregnant women avoid hot tubs – especially in their first trimester. Children under five should never use a hot tub, and even when of age, should be supervised closely. You may also want to lower the temperature for their comfort, and limit their sessions to avoid the risks of light-headedness and dehydration.

    In addition, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin conditions or urinary tract infections (UTI) should be particularly careful as the environment may make your symptoms worse.

    And if you’ve had a tattoo recently? It’s best to wait until it’s fully healed (around 2-4 weeks) to avoid the risk of infection. Some larger or more complex tattoos may take even longer than that; it’s always best to ask your tattoo artist if you plan on taking a dip.

    Where should I place my hot tub?

    There’s not one specific ideal spot for a hot tub in your garden, but there are a few factors to consider.

    • Privacy and views
      • If you have a nice view, it makes sense to position the hot tub to take advantage of it. If you have neighbours, choose a location where you can enjoy a relaxing soak without feeling overlooked.
    • Sun exposure
      • There are pros and cons to having your hot tub in a sunny spot. On the plus side, sunlight can help save energy costs by preheating the water naturally and is especially enjoyable during colder months. However, in summer, it can lead to uncomfortably hot water, while prolonged UV exposure can cause damage to the hot tub cover and potentially fade the exterior. Sunshine can also promote algae growth, meaning you’ll have to spend more time cleaning and making chemical adjustments to the water.
    • Shelter from the elements
      • An equally important consideration is to be mindful of being so out in the open that you have no protection against the wind. It may be wise to place your hot tub in a corner, under a pergola, gazebo, or near trees to provide shade from the sun and shelter from wind.
    • Proximity to utilities
      • Ensure there is access to a nearby electrical outlet and water source for filling and refilling the hot tub.
    • Safety and maintenance
      • Hot tubs should only be placed on level ground for safety. The surrounding vicinity should be spacious (for easy access when cleaning), with proper drainage around your tub to prevent water accumulation, potential flooding, and structural damage. Also, make sure the area is devoid of any issues such as overhanging branches or slippery surfaces. If you have a child, you may wish to install safety barriers around the tub.

    Are hot tubs suitable all year round?

    Yes, hot tubs are suitable for year-round enjoyment. In the winter, they can provide a cosy retreat in your back garden; in summer, they can provide a cool respite, or become a place for social gatherings. 

    How you care for your hot tub does depend on the season, however. In colder months, it’s important to ensure covers and insulation are used to conserve heat and energy. Water levels should also be monitored to prevent freezing and potential damage to pipes and equipment.

    In summer, you need to be careful about overheating as warmer temperatures can promote algae and bacterial growth, so check the water chemistry regularly. Our hot tub umbrella is perfect for those sunnier days.

    Do hot tubs require professional installation?

    While some hot tubs can be self-installed, it’s recommended to opt for professional installation to ensure proper setup, including electrical connections and plumbing.

    You’ll also need to consider how you’re going to get it into place. For most, it’s pretty straight forward, with a spa sledge used to slide on its side into the garden. However, certain circumstances will require a crane to carefully lift and lower a tub into position. This is often the case when:

    • There is limited access to the desired spot
    • If the hot tub requires elevated installation
    • The terrain is difficult (i.e. uneven ground or slopes)
    • The hot tub is particularly large or heavy

    How do I maintain a hot tub?

    Regular maintenance of your hot tub is essential for long-lasting enjoyable ownership. Here are some of the most important steps to take when maintaining a hot tub. 

    • Deep cleaning of pumps, headrests, and jet nozzles
    • Flushing, draining, and refilling
    • Checking chemical levels and pumps

    As well as general maintenance, we recommend a full service annually to keep your hot tub in peak condition


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