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UK Wide Hot Tub Moving


UK Wide Hot Tub Moving


When you do business with Palm Spas, you can rest assured that your hot tub is in good hands. The team is fully insured and very experienced. Our new equipment and wide range of tools allows us to move your tub safely and securely.
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We provide professional hot tub and spa moving services. We specialise in re-locating or moving all types of above ground hot tubs and spas. Combining specifically designed equipment with the knowledge and experience obtained from hundreds of hot tub and spa relocation’s, we consistently satisfy our customers by transporting all types of spas safely, effectively and efficiently.

Hot tubs are one of the most difficult items to move. Due to the weight, bulk, and technical skills required, it’s best to trust this delicate but difficult task to our professional UK hot tub movers. When you work with Palm Spas, you can expect comprehensive moving services that include:

  • Draining of your hot tub along with safe disconnection from electrical sources.
  • Careful loading that prevents unnecessary and damaging movements.
  • Safe transportation, unloading, and re-connection of your hot tub.

The dimensions of your Tub are very important and please remember that it will be transported on its end so the height becomes the width and the width becomes the height.  We prefer to work over hard ground although small steps and softer surfaces can be worked around as long as we know in advance.  The access route should be free of obstructions including trees, gates and piping with additional turning space required for corners.

Additional costs may be incurred if there are large steps where additional staff or a crane is required.  In addition we are not able to manually move tubs that are larger than 2.5m/8ft.  If a crane is required we will discuss the costs with you in advance.


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